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We offer responsibly sourced plant-based biopolymer grades with diverse properties, including heat resistance, durability, and region-specific characteristics.

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Inspired by His Royal Highness the Crown Prince Prime Minister’s speech at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) in November 2021, where the commitment to achieving net carbon zero by 2050 was made, Lalaplast was founded. We are dedicated to revolutionizing the packaging industry with our biodegradable and compostable products. Our mission is to provide sustainable solutions that minimize environmental harm and reduce plastic waste, in line with the Kingdom of Bahrain’s environmental goals.


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We believe we can make a difference to this world, to this very earth on which we live.We have been destroying the forests for whatever reasons for many years.

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Bahrain Climate and Environmental crisis

In June 2019, a ministerial order to regulate and phase out the use of plastic bags was announced across the Kingdom and the region. The order also aims to ban the import of bags that are non-biodegradable, and future phases will include a permanent ban on the use of plastic bags at certain malls and supermarkets.

A recent study found that Bahrain produces the largest amount of waste in the region despite being the smallest nation estimated at 1.67-1.80kg per person, per day, and the Kingdom generates more than 1.2 million tons of solid waste per year, of which only 13% is recyclable.

Recyclable waste
Recyclable waste 13%
Air pollution level
Recyclable waste 70%


What Sets Our Products Apart

Lalaplast bags are bio based alternative that becomes the ideal replacement to petroleum based plastic bags. Due to its unique composition it is widely considered in the world as one of the lowest cost for bio-plastic.

This bag is made from starch, vegetable oil derivative and bioplastic polymer. It can stand heat, burnt to ashes also dissolve into hot water and back to nature in 180 days.

Mainly from sustainable resources

Contains No PE/PP/PS/PET

Biodegradable & compostable in compost condition

Harmless to animal & plant

Irrelevant to micro plastic formation

Recyclable with paper waste

Excellent antistatic

High oxygen barrier

Join us to shape a cleaner and greener world !

Together we can create solutions that are good for People and Planet

The LalaSoluble bag is most ideal for carrying dry items. The load capacity depends on the bag’s specification/thickness. For our generic product, you can always check our product information.

Needs no industrial composting facility, since it can be degraded with the help of macro and micro-organisms in compost condition. 

LalaBio finished products are sensitive to humidity and should be kept in their original packaging to maintain constant material properties.

It is water-resistant, biodegradable, and compostable. 

Microorganisms will assist in the biodegradation process as the main ingredients of LalaEco are starch, derivative vegetable oil, and biodegradable polyester.


LalaBio and LalaEco are biobased biodegradable polymer compounds, manufactured from renewable materials i.e. cassava or corn starch, as well as vegetable oil derivatives and other additives.

At present, there are 12 base colors available, as shown in the chart


Our products are starch based and are fully biodegradable and compostable, in that they will not harm the environment, and will break down and are safe to the earth.

LALAPLAST bags are a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic bags, made from cassava starch and vegetable oil derivatives.

The printing logo ink is alcohol-based, heavy metal-free, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly.

If the LALAPLAST bags come into direct contact with normal temperature water, they will soften and break easily, and will dissolve in hot temperature water above 90 degrees Celsius. This demonstrates that even if the bags ended up in a landfill, river, or ocean, they don’t cause any ecological harm. However, composting is always the best way to dispose of LALAPLAST bags.

LALAPLAST bags’ primary function is to transport items, and although they have passed the Oral Toxicity Test, this test cannot be compared to food regulatory tests. Therefore it is not considered a food or beverage.

When stored in its original, sealed protective PE packaging, LALAPLAST bags have a shelf life of up to 2 years. However, should the PE packaging be removed, the shelf life of LALAPLAST bags is reduced to months (less than a year), when also stored in ideal conditions.

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