About us

Let's shape a cleaner and greener world together!

LALAPLAST is a pioneering biobased plastic production enterprise in The Kingdom of Bahrain.

As Bahrain’s first and only provider of bio-based plastic solutions, we are at the forefront of revolutionizing the packaging industry with our innovative and eco-friendly products.

The world is now realizing the detrimental impact and dangers that non-biodegradable plastics have on the environment. Unfortunately, this current plastic footprint cannot be erased, but vital and immediate steps can be taken to control usage to combat Global Warming and Climate change. To counteract these effects of excessive plastic waste and pollution and other ecological problems that it creates, LALAPLAST was founded as a part of the solution to the greater problem.


is to create a sustainable brand that increases environmental awareness in our society. At the core of LALAPLAST lies a deep commitment to minimize environmental harm and reduce plastic waste.


LALAPLAST envisions a Zero-Waste society, leading the way in sustainable solutions. We are committed to positively impacting both people and the planet, securing the Earth's bounty for generations to come.

What Sets Us Apart

Pioneering Bio-based Plastic Solutions:

As Bahrain's first and only provider of bio-based plastic solutions, we are at the forefront of ecofriendly innovation.

Comprehensive Eco-Friendly Approach:

From material selection to production practices, every aspect of LALAPLAST reflects our commitment to sustainability.

Superior Product Performance:

Our biodegradable film delivers outstanding performance without compromising on environmental responsibility.

Impressive Production CAPACITY

At LALAPLAST, we have built state-of-the-art facilities and invested in advanced production capabilities, ensuring we meet your packaging needs efficiently and effectively.

Our commitment to quality and sustainability drives our production processes, making LALAPLAST your reliable partner for biodegradable film solutions.


Our Key People