General FAQs

Our products are starch-based and are fully biodegradable and compostable, in that they will not harm the environment, will break down, and are safe for the earth.

LALAPLAST bags are a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic bags, made from cassava starch and vegetable oil derivatives.

The printing logo ink is alcohol-based, heavy metal-free, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly.

If the LALAPLAST bags come into direct contact with normal temperature water, they will soften and
break easily, and will dissolve in hot temperature water above 90 degrees Celsius. This demonstrates
that even if the bags ended up in a landfill, river, or ocean, they don’t cause any ecological harm.
However, composting is always the best way to dispose of LALAPLAST bags.

LALAPLAST bags’ primary function is to transport items, and although they have passed the Oral Toxicity Test, this test cannot be compared to food regulatory tests. Therefore it is not considered a food or beverage.

When stored in its original, sealed protective PE packaging, LALAPLAST bags have a shelf life of up to
2 years. However, should the PE packaging be removed, the shelf life of LALAPLAST bags is reduced to
months (less than a year), when also stored in ideal conditions.


The calculation is based on the width x length x thickness of the LALAPLAST bag.

The LALAPLAST bag’s maximum width, including the gusset, is 60 cm, and its maximum length is 100 cm
*We can produce LALAPLAST bags with widths of up to 90 cm and lengths of up to 160 cm without printing. However, we are unable to
accommodate LALAPLAST bags with widths ranging from 33 cm to 37 cm due to a technicality during the printing cylinder manufacturing

The minimum micron thickness is 40 microns, and the maximum micron thickness for a LALAPLAST bag
without the gusset is 100 micron. The maximum micron thickness for a LALAPLAST bag with gusset is 50

10,000 pieces per size, design, and color.

Yes, you can change the size and design to suit your needs. The LALAPLAST bag’s width x length x micron thickness will be used for measurement. Please attach desired logo in Adobe PDF, Adobe Illustrator, or as a Vector file for design. The final cost will be determined by the bag’s specifications.
For local sales, the minimum purchase is one pack; and for our international customers outside of the Kingdom of Bahrain, the minimum purchase is one carton. One pack contains between 50-200 LALAPLAST bags depending on size, and one carton contains between LALAPLAST 500-2000 bags.

At present, there are 12 base colors available, as shown

Yes, we recommend that you purchase our LALAPLAST bag sample
kit so that you can conduct your own trials, and our sales team will
happily help you with the ordering process.

A printing cylinder is required for each ink color printed on each side of the LALAPLAST bag, with up to two ink colors.

  • Two cylinders are required for two colors on one side.
  • Two cylinders are required for one color and two sides.
  • One cylinder is required for one color and one side.
The printing cylinder is a chromed cylinder that has the final customized design on it and is required to print the logo or design onto the LALAPLAST bag. As long as the LALAPLAST bags are the same size and design, one cylinder can hold up to 70000 to 100000 pieces.
Cylinder pricing is determined by the width and length of the LALAPLAST bag; and our sales team will assist you in determining the cost based on your requirements an order size
Given that the raw materials used to make the LALAPLAST bags are bio-based, consistency of quality control is a challenge that we strive to meet at all times. As a result, a 5-10% variation in the results of LALAPLAST bag colors and printing colors may occur.

LALAPLAST bags that have already been opened from their PE packaging must be stored in a clean room with good air circulation, proper ventilation, and a maximum humidity level of 60% in a humid climate. Because of its organic nature, the LALAPLAST bag may become moldy or loose moisture and crumble.

Due to the organic materials, namely cassava, that is used to make the LALAPLAST bags, humid or extreme weather conditions should be avoided. Please avoid exposure, and prolonged contact of LALAPLAST bags with water as this will change the texture and durability of the bag.

It is advisable to compost the LALAPLAST bags after use.
The LALAPLAST bag can be easily composted in your home.
The time required to compost the LALAPLAST bag is determined by the state of the composting setup (namely the materials used in the composting mixture) and the treatment used on it.

The LalaSoluble bag is most ideal to carry dry items. The load capacity depends on the bags specification / thickness. For our generic product, you can always check on our catalog product information.

Needs no industrial composting facility, since it can be degraded with the help of macro and micro-organisms in compost condition.

LalaBio finished products are sensitive to humidity and should be kept in their original packaging to maintain constant material properties.

It is water resistant, biodegradable and compostable.

Microorganisms will assist in the biodegradation process as the main ingredients of LalaEco are starch, derivative vegetable oil and biodegradable